DS18 Joins in on the War against COVID-19

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.26.2020) – As we all adjust to life working around the wide spread COVID-19 virus, DS18 joins in against the fight to help aid those in need with backing and knowledge from our close DS18 family and co-workers in China who have been adjusting to this Pandemic much longer then we have. 

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With China successfully battling and winning the fight and using firsthand knowledge of what needs to win the battle, we will be sending over personal protection equipment such as huge shipment of medical masks and gloves in care of DS18

Team member Marcia Mileidys Maceo to The Baptist Hospital in Kendall, Florida. DS18 hopes to help with the education and safe practices needed to minimalize casualties until the global efforts find a way to destroy this disease so life can return to normal.

Continuing to practice safe social distance, using PPE (gloves, mask, sanitizer) equipment, and knowledge of safely not spreading the disease is the key component to slowing down this very fast acting and deadly virus. If we all come together as a world population there is nothing we cannot overcome.

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