DS18 Offers New Line of Chargers and Power Supplies

DS18 has a new line of charger that is killing the charging and power supply game. Now they have 3 models to fit your charging needs that provide either 60-amp, 80-amp, and a massive 200-amp power supplies that are also active chargers and maintainers.

These rugged and durable chargers have 3 modes. The first is for maintaining your batteries if they are being stored or your vehicle is parked for prolonged periods of time. The charger sends periodic 14v pulses to the battery to make sure it stays at its recommended resting voltage.

The second is for charging your batteries from a very low charged state. In this state of charging, the unit will keep pulsing either 13.8 or 14.4 pulses until the unit detects that the unit is fully charged and at its normal resting voltage, then from there it will stay in maintenance mode. The last feature and best will be power supply mode. In this mode, the chargers will switch to power supply mode and give either 60 amps, 80 amps, and a whopping 200-amp continuous power.

This mode is perfect for if you are needing extra power that your vehicle cannot provide, or if you are stationary and need a lot of power on demand at any moment or constantly. Whether you need a charger, maintainer, or power supply DS18 has you covered.

BC-60LP – 60 amps MSRP 429.95

BC80L – 80 amps MSRP 549.95

BC200L – 200 amps MSRP 699.95

Visit ds18.com for more.