JVC In-Car Air Purification System Debuted at CES 2020

LONG BEACH, CA (03.17.2020) – The new JVC Mobile KS-GA100 (MAP $89.95) and the KS-GA10F (MAP $19.95) will now allow users the option of in-car air purification right from their vehicle’s cupholder.

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Debuting from JVC Mobile Entertainment’s offerings at CES2020 was the KS-GA100, an in-car air purification system. The class leading KS-GA100 sports a compact design that will fit easily into a cup holder, helping to remove smoke smells and other odors. Its unique design allows the KS-GA10F (replacement HEPA filter, included with the KS-GA100 and available separately) to remove allergens and germs, as well as keep a vehicle’s interior smelling fresh and clean. There’s no longer a need to hang stinky trees from your mirror!

With a diameter of 2.8” and a height of 4.6” the new KS-GA100 rests easily tucked away in the cupholder. It comes with a 2-way power supply giving the option of the traditional 12 Volt socket, or a USB powered option as well. The KS-GA100 also offers a 3-layer purification system which allows it to quickly purify up to 350 cubic feet of air in just 5 minutes. The KS-GA100 is available in select channels only.

Ricky Gibson, N&H Electronics, holds a new  JVC Mobile KS-GA100 in the warehouse in Hattiesburg, MS.

For more information on JVC Mobile Entertainment, visit us.jvc.com/car.