DS18 Select Amps Are NEW for 2020

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.16.2020) – Now introducing the successor to the DS18 SLC (select) line of amps, the S series Select. These amps come in a both brushed aluminum silver and red to bring out better aesthetic colors and come in a more compact size but have all new beefy internals. DS18 has many models to fit whatever the power requirement is for the enthusiast.

Every amp is available in either brushed silver or red and all come with very secure key terminals to ensure the tightest fitment and security. The Select Amps also have adjustable crossovers so users can adjust the frequency ranges to play all ranges of subs, mid range, and highs.

DS18 built in a clip indicator so when users are tuning the amp they know the exact threshold of distortion and can maximize and tune for the best sound possible.

The new Select Amp line up consists of the S-1500.1- A class A+B amplifier and has an output of 220w@4ohms and 350w@2ohms. MSRP- 149.95

S-1600.2- Full range class A+B S-1600.2 which puts out 90w x2 @4 ohms and 130×2 @ 2ohms. MSRP- 124.95

S-2500.1d- This class D Monoblock is has a rating of 350w @ 4ohms, 600w @ 2ohms, and 900w @ 1 ohm. MSRP-179.95

S-3000.4D- Class D 4 channel amp that puts out 190×4@4ohms, 295×4@2ohms, and 544×2@4 ohms bridged. MSRP- 199.95

S-1800.4- A full range class A+B 4 channel amplifier that puts out 100×4 w @4ohms, 150w x 4@2 ohms, and 280 w X @ 4 ohms bridged. MSRP-179.95

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