Coronavirus Curveball

SHREVEPORT, LA (03.16.2020) – A National Emergency has been declared. The Coronavirus has thrown the entire world a huge curveball. The 12Volt World is not immune.

Custom Audio, Erie PA, made this informative post to provide health tips for followers and consumers.

Over the past several days it seems every hour some startling news appears. Cruise lines have docked ships for 2 months. Apple Stores and Nike Stores are closing for 2 weeks. Nationwide over 42,000 schools are closed for 2 weeks and more. Images and videos of empty store shelves fill screens at home and for those on the go.

Team Nutz gave followers another reason to come into their Pittsburgh store…to check out the JL Audio DSP demo.

Distributor shows have traditionally kicked off the spring car audio season. The updated 12volt News Distributor Calendar shows the Woofer Electronics and DAS events have been cancelled. The Mid-State Distributing Show in Chicago and CMA Expo in Toronto have been postponed. Additionally, other shows on the schedule may see changes.

The Knowledgefest 2020 event in Indianapolis has been rescheduled to July 10-12.

This post by PCH in Wilmington CA will open the eyes of followers and consumers.

Companies across the 12volt industry are leaning to restricting employee travel and encouraging, where possible, that staff members work from home. Even outdoor events like the Mud Nationals, scheduled to begin on March 18th in rural Arkansas, have been canceled.

Through all of this companies across the 12volt industry must make every effort to keep the doors open and do business. Companies across the 12volt industry must be make every effort to be proactive. Social media posts can engage followers with attention grabbing images, new products and special offers. Following up with prospects and previous customers can create store traffic and business. With the marine season set to begin, that category offers opportunities along with the hot UTV market. Window Tint and vehicle wrap seasons are set to begin also.

Let’s MARCH ON as an industry!!

MECA Commish Steve Stern related “We are having shows unless mandated by local, state of federal government. Most of our shows are under 100 and outside, for better social distancing, so we should be OK. Obviously people who are sick should not attend. Anyone showing flu-like symptoms will be asked to leave and their vehicle will not be judged.”

As an industry, we must not go into a shell and wait for this National Emergency to blow over. At the 12volt Central Studios we plan to redouble our efforts to make posts highlighting positive activity across the 12volt industry. During a call with Tom Broomall at Audio Jam on Friday March 13th he commented on a $6,000. marine job in the works. During an additional conversation on Friday, with John Schellsmidt at Audio Depot in Arlington TX, he stated store traffic was normal.

Rene Rodriquez and the Team at Intense Audio 1 in OKC OK were working on jobs in the install bay until 11:30 Saturday night March 14th. Ed Nutall, Team Nutz in Pittsburg, made social media posts to show followers his new DSP demo setup on the showroom display board. Sam Benitez at PCH Custom Audio in Wilmington CA showed a smiling customer with the new Lambo doors on his Camaro. Lots of hot UTV posts too.

“As an industry let’s all work, and redouble our efforts, to ‘Get Our Shine On.’ We look forward to showcasing your efforts” Mike Van Horn.