Aunex Enters the Global Market

CHINO, CA (03.09.2020) – In May of 2019 Industry Veteran Steven Bach created and launched a new audio electronics brand called Aunex, Inc.  Now, 9 months later Aunex is ready to support itsdealers and distributors worldwide.  “After 25 years of working in the audio industry, it was time that I took this leap of faith and branched out on my own.  I entered the 12volt audio industry in the mid 90’s starting at a company called Marathon in South Gate, California which later became Massive Audio,” stated Steven. From Massive, Steven joined PowerBass in their early start up stage at year one of the company. From PowerBass, Steven found his way to Crossfire Car Audio and eventually returned back to PowerBass where he held the company’s Vice President position for more than 10 years.

“At PowerBass, I took great pride leading both the Sales & Marketing Team along with overseeing the company’s Product Development Team. During that time, I learned a great deal about what it took to manage a diverse group of seasoned Sales professionals and an equally talented Acoustic and Electronics Engineering staff,” said Steven.

Steven Bach – Aunex President pictured visiting the company’s suppliers in 2019 to ensure production schedule is met and product quality is rigorously tested.

Now that times have become increasingly challenging for retailers, distributors and manufacturer reps with diverse competition from online marketplaces, to the way brands continually fight the race to zero mentality, Steven decided it was time to put his years of networking to the test and form his own company.  Aunex will be positioned as a limited distribution line while setting its priority on dealer direct model. “When I started to take a deep dive with various retailers, one of the main concerns most dealers mentioned was price protection.  Our industry business model continues to evolve with the growing trend of consumers making their purchases online.

“I can understand our dealer’s frustrations if they lose a sale from the internet.  There are a large number of consumers who believe they will get the best deals online, so when they visit their local retailers, they ask product questions, get a feel for the products they are interested in and then proceed to make their purchases online. As such many retailers have adopted new ways to combat the seemingly unbeatable internet prices. Despite that, pricing challenges are still often hard fought. With Aunex, one of the ways we will be supporting our retailers is not allowing any online sales; protecting the margins of our dealers is one of our main priorities,” said Steven.

Gilbert Munoz – Aunex Warehouse & Shipping Manager fulfilling the first batch of orders.

However, to not have distribution in the US can limit product availability for dealers that are on the Southeast and East coast, therefore Aunex will limit its’ distributors to a few key partners that can help facilitate those dealers that need product in timely manner.

“I am very proud of what the talented staff of Aunex has accomplished within the past 9 months. Everything from product planning, product development & rigorously testing to packaging, manuals, website development are all done in-house and to see our first shipments leave last week is one of my greatest achievements,” stated Steven Bach.

Aunex’s first product category which consist of Amplifiers, Equalizers, DSP and Accessories are now ready to ship.  “Our team presently is tasked with expanding our line to include Speakers, Midranges, Subwoofers and Enclosures to complement what we have already engineered.  We will start to introduce these new categories in stages starting in 2021,” said Steven.

If you are looking for a company that will offer cutting edge products, backed by a team of professionals whose job it is to engage and support its’ customers, then it is time to Declare Your Independence and contact the Aunex staff to become an Authorized Aunex Dealer.

“Look out for more press releases from Aunex, Inc. as we start our mission to Making The World Sound Better, One System At A Time.”

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