PCH Custom Audio Gets Their Shine On

WILMINGTON, CA (03.03.2020) – When PCH Custom Audio followers and consumers see the company’s social media posts they are immediately engaged. A wide variety of vehicles, positioned in front of the store, are showcased in frequent posts. Customized classics, SideXSides, Pickups, Motorcycles, Jeeps and cars, along with systems installations and Lambo doors have been featured in just the last 2 weeks. Each post grabs attention.

This shot shows a sampling of PCH Custom Audio posts..a SXS, Jeep, Lambo doors plus lifted pickup with wheels and tires.

Sam Benitez related to 12voltnews.com “We are very pleased with the work we do for our customers. The PowerSports category is very strong right now. These customers, in many cases, are looking for full systems and lighting which leads to bigger tickets.”

PCH is located in LA County a mere 3 miles from the ocean which means marine is also a strong category for the company.

Customized Classics are special at PCH also. Check out the custom floor mats that protect carpet and shows the Company’s attention to taking care of their customers.

Benitez continued “We have many repeat customers A customer with a new pickup will bring it to us for wheels, tires and a lift kit. Often we will see that happy customer return to have us deck out his new UTV.”

The PCH Custom Audio facility has an installation bay that will handle 7 cars and a 2,500 sq ft showroom. A staff of 12 dedicated employees keeps all at Pacific Coast Highway Custom Audio very busy.

Overhead video systems too at PCH.

A big 12volt News hat’s off to PCH Custom Audio.

Visit https://www.pchcustomaudio.net and @pchcustomaudio_lb for more.