JL Audio and Nautique Launch Updated WaveFront Speaker Technology for Super Air Nautique Paragon Boats

MIAMI, FL (02.28.2020) – JL Audio, a U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of high-end , marine audio products, in collaboration with Nautique boats, is proud to announce an updated version of its WaveFront speaker technology, specifically engineered for the all-new Nautique G23 and G25 Paragon boats.

Updated for 2020 with powerful JL Audio M6 coaxial drivers, WaveFront is an innovative hidden speaker system, engineered to elevate the music experience provided on board Nautique boats. Full-range drivers are located under the dashboard and connected to a specially engineered wave guide which shapes the sound waves and delivers them to passengers’ ears through specially tuned apertures located at the base of the boat’s port and starboard windshields. WaveFront lifts the sound stage delivered by the JL Audio system from seat level to ear level, significantly enhancing the listening experience.

“Engineering an audio system to deliver extreme performance and durability in an open-air boating environment is a considerable challenge by itself. But, creating a balanced audio system capable of delivering a perfectly elevated sound stage requires a significant understanding of open-air acoustics,” said Ora Freeman, Director of OEM Sales, North America at JL Audio. “Working with Nautique has empowered our engineers to rethink the possibilities of marine audio system integration and has led to the development of some very exciting technologies, like JL Audio WaveFront.”

To further enhance the audio performance of Nautique boats, all 2020 model year boats feature JL Audio’s all-new MVi amplifiers with integrated DSP. MVi amplifier allows JL Audio and Nautique to develop customized DSP tunings for each model of boat to account for each vessel’s hull acoustics, speaker configuration, frequency response range, and seating arrangement.

All 2020 model year Nautique boats offer as standard equipment the following JL Audio products: MediaMaster MM100 source units, M6 speakers, tower speakers, and subwoofers.

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