Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP Apple CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Player Now Shipping

OXNARD, CA (02.27.2020) – Sound Storm Laboratories is proud to announce its new DD988ACP Apple CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Player is now shipping with an MSRP of $199.00.

“The DD988ACP comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a sharp, responsive 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen,” explained Greg Orlando, SSL brand manager. “This MECH-LESS multimedia player lets drivers enjoy on-screen navigation, phone calls, messages, and a wide range of music and phone apps.”

As smartphones become an essential part of people’s day-to-day life, a great car stereo that can talk with your smartphone is extremely important to keep consumers connecting seamlessly. “The DD988ACP shows SSL’s commitment to leading the market with high demand products at an affordable price, featuring connectivity and driver safety,” added Orlando.” Our products go through a formal certification process and we are proud to launch full featured, budget-friendly quality choices for our consumers.”

The DD988ACP’s big 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen monitor allows you to easily select CarPlay related icons as well as all other system settings and configurations. With Siri voice controls you can get directions, look for points of interest, check your messages and reply to them, play music and more. Hook your Smartphone or MP3 player up to the auxiliary input, tune into your favorite AM/FM radio station, or plug into the USB port for more music choices. You can charge USB devices with the USB port. Bluetooth technology lets you play and control music apps and make calls hands-free. Make changes to your music choices and settings with ease using the existing steering wheel controls or the touchscreen.

Features and specifications include:
• Apple CarPlay compatible with iOS apps
• Android Auto with Google Assistant
• Bluetooth: Make/receive calls, play and control music and apps such as Spotify/Pandora wirelessly
• Plays MP3/USB and Smartphones
• No CD/DVD Player
• Inputs: USB, Aux, Rear Camera, Steering Wheel Control, USB Charging
• Outputs: Front, Rear and Sub Pre-Amp
• Bass/Treble/Balance/Fader Controls and Preset Built-in EQ
• Switchable US & Europe Tuner Frequencies, Power: 80 Watts x 4
• Warranty: 1-year

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