The MECA SQL Judges Training Covered 3 Days

NASHVILLE, TN (02.25.2020) – MECA Commissioner Steve Stern organized and hosted the annual SQL Judges Training session in Nashville on February 21st – 23th. Fourteen serious Sound Quality League judge trainees participated in listening sessions throughout the weekend. MECA trains judges on an on-going basis, always on the lookout for the most talented listeners and scorers for Sound Quality contests.

MECA Commish Steve Stern with the new 2020 SQL Rulebook.

Bringing their ears to the mix: Nick Adams-CA, Chad Bleeke-IN, Dean Elzey-TX, Mike Flanagan-MS, Eric Halfacre-TN, Thomas Hendrix-SC, Klifton and Ethan Keplinger-IN, Jeremy Price and Andrea Paulson-TX, Sean Scott-PA, Mike “Conehead” Shubert-TN, Tim Smith TN and John Yi-CA.

Jeremy Price (L) and Thomas Hendrix enjoy dinner Friday night at the Caney Fork Grill while listening to the Mel-tones playing live at the table.

Friday night featured dinner and live unamplified bluegrass music at Caney Fork Grill. The Mel-tones are a must-hear for judges, and all were treated to 5 songs played live right at the table.

Saturday included listening sessions leading up to the Beethoven’s Birthday Bash concert at the Nashville Symphony Hall that night. Most of the focus during the day Saturday was on the technical side of training and geared toward scoring the official test tracks approved by MECA SQL. Four vehicles were on site for judges to score. Plus, everyone was getting dialed into the 2020 SQL Rule Book overview and fine points.

Vinny Taylor conducting a Saturday session at the Holiday Inn Express meeting room. Taylor is MECA’s longtime SQL Coordinator.

On Sunday Audio Specialists in Clarksville, TN hosted the annual Freezefest SQL event at their new store location which provided a great venue for 19 vehicles involved in the 3X points contest. XS Power was on-board for awards as Tennessee Title Sponsor for 2020. The day’s activity was integrated into a SQOLOGY event with Klifton Keplinger directing the show. MECA’s longtime SQL Coordinator, Vinny Taylor, conducted the judge listening sessions during the show. Results are listed with the event at During the day Sunday there was an SPL event at the Tennessee Speed and Sport location in Nashville.

A group of the MECA Judges entering the Nashville Symphony Hall for the Beethoven’s Birthday Bash performance Saturday night.

Excitement at the events was evident with new competitors and new vehicles plus the batch of new engaged Judges for the club members to work with at the contests.

MECA judges seated in the Nashville Symphonic Hall for the Beethoven’s Birthday Bash performance.

“The weekend was a great team effort which benefits the mobile electronics industry plus all professionals and enthusiasts who love cars and trucks, the gear, and Music” Stern stated.

Contact the Commissioner at or call 615-851-7428 to get information, and to join the club and benefit from the program.