Mobile Solutions Offers Two New Training Classes in March

TEMPE, AZ (02.25.2020) – Mobile Solutions announces two new training classes launching at their Tempe, AZ training facility in March 2020. The 201-level “boot camps” are shorter 2-day courses heavily focused on audio and, separately on practical and time-saving fabrication techniques. The boot camps are intended to provide an experienced and targeted audience with the need-to-know information in a specific discipline so that technicians can be even more productive in their day-to-day installation efforts. The Mobile Solutions training facility recently underwent a significant redesign in late 2019 to better accommodate training groups and exciting new topics.

MasterTech Car Audio Boot Camp 201

This 2-day course is focused on acoustics, vehicle electrical theory, OEM audio system integration and tuning an audio system using DSP. Guest presenters Ken Ward of Educar Labs and Todd Ramsey of Ramsey Consulting Group provide attendees with important, highly relevant information covering electrical and acoustic installation challenges in modern vehicles. Learn enhanced fundamentals of sound and in-depth AC/DC electricity. Learn detailed electrical measurement techniques. Learn how to identify OEM audio signals in complex vehicles and determine an integration approach. Learn quick and effective audio system tuning techniques. Learn how to avoid and effectively troubleshoot many common issues encountered in car audio system design and installation. This is a great class for those technicians who focus more on remote starters over the winter months, technicians who primarily do fleet-type installations or those who primarily only fabricate. This is also a great class for technicians and sales professionals with good audio system installation fundamentals looking to achieve the next level in the world of DSP-based integration and audio system tuning. The course runs March 5-6, 2020 and costs $799.98.

MasterTech Fabrication Boot Camp 201

This 2-day course is perfect for those who which to learn and grow their palate of advanced fabrication techniques. Instructor Bryan Schmitt, president of Mobile Solutions, demonstrates time-saving smart fabrication techniques and industry secrets that will enhance the way technicians integrate mobile electronics with vehicle panels and structural components. Some of the training fabrication highlights include using the Mobile Solutions Animal and SFS tools to safely and efficiently create unique 3D panels, speaker mounts and interior trim accents. Additionally, router table & table saw tricks for custom subwoofer enclosures, plastics fabrication, urethane foam implementation and upholstery techniques are all part of the cohesive design and fabrication mindset presented throughout the training. This course helps guide attendees on how to charge for their custom fabrication work so they maximize their profitability and make efficient use of time. A student-built take home project reinforces the learning concepts and serves as an additional visual tool to communicate fabrication capabilities to clients. The course runs March 7-8, 2020 and costs $799.98.

These training camps are presented back-to-back so attendees can easily travel to one or both. Register for the training sessions now at as spots are limited. For more information or questions, email