DS18 Makes Waves with a New 12” Marine Subwoofer

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (02.20.2020) – Now introducing, by popular demand, a 12-inch marine subwoofer from DS18. The NXL10 subwoofer has been flying of the shelves but some customers and dealers wanted even more cone area and power.

DS18 has happily obliged and have developed the new NXL12SUB for all those dealers and consumers that want even more cone area for even more bass response. These DS18 pounders handle 350w RMS / 700w max power easily and each sub is single voice coil that is 4 ohms resistance. They are all IP65 rated so they can withstand a great amount of outside conditions and come with integrated RGB lighting to really set any mood on the water.

The new NXL12SUB’s are perfect for a wide array of applications like in a watercraft, side by side, or even an everyday vehicle. The bass response is very acute and powerful with a frequency range of 30hz to 500hz… making it easy to tune for whatever musical needs are demanded. These subs perform excellent in sealed boxes of (1 cf3) and ported boxes of (1.5cf) and come in either white or black.

MSRP: 299.95.

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