Team Nutz at the Pittsburgh International Auto Show

PITTSBURGH, PA (02.18.2020) – Team Nutz had a major presence at the Pittsburg International Auto Show at the David L Lawrence Convention Center February 13th – 17th. Just 2 weeks prior Team Nutz had a 70 x 100 booth at the World of Wheels in the same venue.

Ed Nuttall offered “It certainly has been a very, very busy February as we exhibited at two major events at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. At both events we went all the way with a large booth, tents, demo vehicles, specials and had a great staff on site at both events.”

This image shows the breadth of the Team Nutz Booth. The Memphis Audio trailer is in the background on the left.

At the Pittsburgh International Auto Show Team Nutz put their brand and products in front of a crowd reported to exceed 30,000 over the 5-day run. The End Result Memphis trailer and Davis Distribution SONY Jeep grabbed attention along with the Race Sport Lighting display, JL Audio OEM interactive display, Wet Sounds and Audiovox Movies-To-Go demo setup in the booth.

ED and Nina Nuttall, snapped by the award winning Dalesandro Studios, during a rare quiet moment at the show.

Ed Dalesandro, End Result rep firm principal, was on site along with Rusty North from Davis Distribution. Dalesandro provided the Memphis Audio trailer and supported the Race Sport Lighting brand..both of which are on the End Result line card. “Team Nutz and their crew continue to DO Things and put in the efforts. Nina and Ed Nuttall, along with the Team, are making things happen” Dalesandro offered.

Rusty North (L) and Ed Dalesandro were on site in Pittsburgh to support Team Nutz at the event.

Rusty North stated “The Davis Distribution Jeep definitely drew a crowd at the event. We showed the new Sony AX7000 in the Jeep and all were blown away there was not a big array of amps driving the sound. Several times there were people lined up for a demo of the Sony Jeep. I know on Saturday and Sunday over a hundred people sat in the Jeep for a demo. There was a huge crowd and I had people ask questions about window tint, wheels, LED lights and remote starts as well as cart audio products. All in all a great show Team Nutz put together.”

Ed Nuttall’s Nephew Cole dancing in the Memphis Audio trailer as the show closed Saturday night. Through the show the End Result Memphis Audio trailer, which was recently updated, was a magnet in the booth.

Team Nutz has been exhibiting at the Pittsburgh International Auto show for over 15 years. “Over the years we have made it a point to have a booth at major events that draw car enthusiasts. At events we hand out thousands of Team Nutz stickers that people put on their cars, boats, tool boxes and other things. Those stickers, which we now produce in house, provide a strong branding message for Team Nutz throughout our area. At this Pittsburgh show we handed out over 5,000 stickers. At this event we put a promo in place for people to post an image of our sticker on their vehicle or whatever. We will select a winner from the posts for a $100. gift certificate” Nuttall added.

The Davis Distribution SONY Jeep pictured with (LtoR) Ed Nuttall Sr, Ed Nuttall, Rusty North and David Maxwell-

A Big 12volt News Hat’s Off to all at Team Nutz. The Team Nutz staff tops over 20 employees and over half were on the event floor each day. Putting all in place for a big event that lasts several days, and manning a large booth, is a big job.

Ed Nuttall with hands full of stickers in the Booth.

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