Earmark Car And Marine Audio Made Waves at the Dallas Boat Show

DALLAS, TX (02.13.2020) – Earmark Car and Marine Audio exhibited at the recent Dallas Boat Show at Dallas Market Hall. The event was held over 2 weekends, January 31 – February 2 and February 6 – 9.

Earmark’s Captain, Joe Parker, related this was the 13th year the company has exhibited at the Dallas Boat Show. The company’s Lewisville location is located just north of Dallas in ‘Lake Country.’ Jim Johnson worked the booth with Parker to show the company’s marine offerings to members of the crowd.

Joe Parker pictured in the install bay area with a $4,500 job just finished for a customer from the Dallas Boat Show.

Parker stated “The investment in exhibiting at the Dallas Boat Show is very good. We receive tremendous exposure for the Earmark brand and the manufacturers that are presented in the booth. JL Audio, Wet Sounds and Kenwood Marine were featured in out 10×20 booth. With a staff of 2 working the booth it made for long hours but will prove, once again, to be a very good investment. Mark Couch, from Team Sales our JL Audio rep, was in the booth with us and a great help.”

As a direct, and immediate, result of exhibiting at the boat show Earmark has just completed a $4500. boat job. That will go quite away to paying for the cost of the booth at Market Hall.

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During the show Parker kept a notebook noting the names and contact information of attendees that were ‘real potentials’. That list to followup with topped 3 dozen.

While speaking with Parker, on his cellphone, a call came into the store’s line. That call ended with an appointment for the caller to bring his boat in for a new system.

Hat’s off to Earmark Car and Marine Audio for seeing the value of participating in an offsite event.

Visit earmarkcaraudio.com and dallasboatexpo.com for more.