Fortified SQL for 2020

NASHVILLE, TN (02.12.2020) – MECA’s Sound Quality League (SQL) program is growing, with more people involved as competitors and judges for the 2020 season. With 80+ vehicles involved in SQL contests at both the 2018 and 2019 Finals, MECA entertained the largest sound quality groups in the club’s history. With the 2020 season underway, the state of MECA SQL is strong.

Steve Stern, MECA COMMISH, has the new MECA SQL Rules Book set for 2020.

The 4X SQL contests were well received during the 2019 season, the first year these elite events were offered. With major support from ARC Audio as Title Sponsor for the series, MECA will elevate the sound quality contests, using the 3 judge rating system for each vehicle. Each judge scores the systems, and the average score determines the winner. MECA has used a 100 point scoring system since 1999, updated and improved as needed over the years. ARC Audio’s participation will help to pay for travel expenses for the judges, the most experienced and talented “ears” in the organization.

MECA’s annual SQL Judge Training session will be held in Nashville on the weekend of 2/22-23. This is the largest class of judge hopefuls to date, with 18 signed up from TX, CA, TN, SC, PA, and IN. On Saturday, judges will be trained specifically on scoring the sound quality contests. This will include listening to source music tracks on a “reference” system, a live performance with TN string band The Goodies, and the Beethoven Festival concert at the Nashville Symphony. Training will be held at Stu Phillips’ Stage d’or, owned by the Grand Old Opry Hall of Fame entertainer. Trainees will practice real-world scoring at MECA’s annual Freezefest event (part of the SQLOLOGY series) on Sunday, working at Audio Specialists store in Clarksville, TN. Several SQL World Champion vehicles will be there for training listening sessions, including Rob Bess’ 2019 Culbertson Cup winner. The SQL Judge Training session provides several listening experiences, so that judges can compare and concepetualize the quality and realism of SQL systems. Commisioner Steve Stern and SQL Coordinator Vinny Taylor will conduct the training.

The 2020 SQL Rule Book is posted at:
No major changes were added, only verifications and some necessary judging guidelines.

Contact the Commissioner at or 615-851-7428 to review options for SQL contests for worthy promotions for Retailers and Manufacturers. MECA is very active at: and PM’s are welcome.