DS18 Adds to Jeep Lineup with J-SUB L+R Enclosures

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (02.05.2020) – DS18 is the originator of a great many original Jeep products seen around the world. The company has Jeepers from the USA, to Saudi Arabia, and even as far as China… Europe and South America too. DS18 has a deep passion for all things Jeep. DS18 listened to their fans who asked for an enclosure that could be out of the way and leave them storage space in their ride… but also retain a lot of cone area for that hard-hitting bass feeling.

To fill that need DS18 has released another option for those Jeepers… and that is the J-SUB L+R. These two enclosures fit on the sides of the Jeep in the rear cargo space and fit snug against the vehicle’s interior wall. These enclosures come with pre run speaker wires and RGB-LED terminals to make wiring easy. The J-SUB L+R do not come with any RGBs but the DS18 LRING 12 is a great option for a 12-inch subwoofer LED ring.

The J-SUB enclosures come in a hardened plastic polymer that can withstand the roughest of treatment and are water resistant with 1 cubic foot on internal air space. The is enclosure is also filled with sound deadening foam to enhance the bass resonance and acts as a sound deadener for even better sound. There are also DS18 inlays so users can have the logo shown for all to see. The J-SUB can also be purchased in singles left side or right side.

The technology provided by these enclosures, when paired together, increase the bass more than 3 fold as the bass waves from the sides of the Jeep meet in the middle for a more complete, punchy, and louder bass.

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MSRP is $699.95.

Be sure to check out amazing J-SUB L+R only on DS18.com.