DS18 is Proud to Welcome Specialty, our newest DS18 Distributor in Virginia

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (01.31.20) – “We are happy to announce our newest addition to the DS18 extended family, Specialty Marketing. Our newest distributor in the Mid Atlantic region will also cover Metro New York and the New Jersey area. Specialty Marketing has warehouses in Mechanicsville, VA and in Fairfield, NJ so products will have very little travel time depending on the origin of the orders” DS18 CEO Sasha Susterman stated.

Specialty has been in business since 1950 and has a tremendous array of experience in all aftermarket electrical accessories, home and mobile audio. 12volt industry members feel comfortable knowing that the Company only hires sales staff members that are industry veterans. The sales staff has over 260 years of experience which provides a high level of customer service, system design and technical assistance at customer’s figure tips or dealers may simply visit their website for product information or to place orders 24/7.

Visit specialtymarketing.com and ds18.com for more.