RhinoBox Is Set for 2020

RICHMOND, TX (01.20.2020) – RhinoBox is ready for 2020. The company’s lineup of enclosures is designed to save dealers time and provide a strong profit opportunity.

Nassir Rizvi and Mosin Ahmed pictured in the warehouse with a portion of the inventory.

David Toliver, Synergy Marketing Rep Firm Principal, stated “RhinoBox provides the tools for our Distributors and Retail Partners to succeed with the broad selection of vehicle specific enclosures. New in-store posters and full catalogs are key tools as the products are covered in detail in the catalog and consumers can see models available on the poster.”

The RhinoBox in-store poster will grab attention on a wall on the showroom.

RhinoBox does not sell online and all of their boxes are stapled and glued for durability. Everything they sell comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Also, the company’s packaging has pictures of the enclosures on the box which makes it easy for inventory and displaying them on the showroom floor. 

The full line catalog details the enclosure product lineup.

RhinoBox also offers unfinished enclosures that are available if dealers want to vinyl wrap an enclosure and put a custom touch on a prebuilt enclosure.

Product images and information on the box makes it easy for dealers to check inventory.

“Currently we are evaluating regional distribution partners and welcome the opportunity to expand the RhinoBox network nationwide.”  If you have interest or would like more information, contact David or Michelle Toliver at 281-750-5004 or email us at sales@synergyagency.net.

Visit rhinobassbox.com for more.