Alphasonik Inc. Is Back

GARDENA, CA (01.06.2020) Alphasonik Inc., the original developer of such ground-breaking technologies such as high voltage transfer and amplifier cooling fans, which remain a benchmark in high-end audio to this day, has returned.

Since our inception in 1976, Alphasonik remains unsurpassed and has remained loyal to our dealers by making sure that all our products offer the absolute best in quality, value and reliability.

Rick Andersen, SVP, pictured in the Alphasonik HQ in Gardena, CA.

“Alphasonik is back and stronger than ever” stated Rick Andersen-Senior Vice President. “We have relaunched with a full lineup of products that perform above and beyond our satisfactions and will hold the badge to the highest level of quality and performance.

The lineup will consist of Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, Signal Processors, Pro Audio for car audio applications, Professional DJ Speakers, and a full selection of Personal audio products (Bluetooth speakers, sport workout headphones, headphones and earbuds).

Alphasonik will go to the market with a straightforward-no nonsense plan notes Enrique Avalos-Director of Sales & Marketing: to offer high quality reliable products and service with profitable margins. We will have a limited distribution network with partners that can see the value in maintaining margins and profits and not eroding the market. Our products online will be fully monitored and controlled, and we will make sure that any and all online accounts maintain our MAP Policies and Procedures to the highest regard.

For additional information on how to carry Alphasonik products please contact Rick Anderson at, Enrique Avalos at, Diego Sarabia at or visit