Jackie Cooper Electronics’ 12 Days of Christmas Campaign Connected

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (12.30.2019) – Jackie Cooper Electronics utilized a 12 Days of Christmas social media campaign to connect with consumers during the last half of December.

Beginning on Monday, December 9th, a new 12 Days of Christmas graphic was created and posted each day that highlighted a new product offer. A gift certificate was featured for gift giving. A $100 gift certificate was actually worth $125 to the recipient.

A image with examples of the daily 12 Days of Christmas posts.

Jill Splitt, who handles the JCE social media posts, created and posted a new 12 Days of Christmas post each day of the campaign. Splitt stated “Our goal was to create visibility for the wide range of products we offer. The idea of the gift certificate was that the person receiving the gift certificate could choose their own gift. A $300 gift certificate was actually worth $375 to the recipient.”

Examples of 12 Days of Christmas posts.

Products featured in the posts included window tint, Alpine and Kenwood receivers, Viper alarm, JL Audio Stealth enclosure, Wet Sounds Tower Speakers, Backup Camera, Hood paint protection and Escort Radar Detector.

Posts like this grab followers’ attention while creating branding for JCE.

In a phone call to Jackie Cooper Electronics on Thursday, following Christmas, Jill stated “We have been so busy. December has been a very strong month. We feel the social media campaign, with the daily offers, did a lot to put our company’s name in front of consumers and create store traffic.”

Members of the JCE Team had some fun posting this image for Halloween.

Donnie Chaffin runs the day-to-day operations at JCE. The company, that offers a wide range of mobile electronics products plus commercial window tint, has been a leading 12volt retailer in the OKC area for over 5 decades. Jill Splitt is Donnie’s sister and a member of the very talented Team at JCE.

Visit jce.com and instagram.com/jackiecooperelectronics for more.