PAC Releases New RadioPRO Integrated Installation Kit for RAM Trucks

CLEARWATER, FL (12.23.2019) – PAC has announced the release of its new RadioPRO Integrated Installation Kit for RAM Trucks.

RPK4-CH4101 is a complete radio replacement solution with built-in climate control retention for 2013 – 2018 RAM trucks and 2019 RAM Classic. This radio replacement solution includes a factory-matched dash kit with a full set of climate controls, and mounting hardware to beautifully mount any aftermarket radio into the RAM replacing the factory 8.4” radio.

PAC’s integrated 5.2” LCD touchscreen control panel gives the RAM owner quick access to performance gauges, climate control functions, vehicle settings, and allows for direct section of cameras to view on the aftermarket radio.

“Our Beta testers are loving this kit! The graphical user interface (GUI) was designed from the ground up by the PAC product development and engineering team and offers the driver with a seamless factory-like experience. The touchscreen allows for swiping and tapping just like on a smartphone or tablet, making it easy to use, while the stunning graphics look like they should have always been included with the truck.”

This complete kit includes all the climate control knobs and buttons, so there is no need to reuse any of the original climate controls with this solution. This integrated kit also retains many other important and convenient vehicle features like: Steering wheel control functions, reverse camera, amplified audio system, warning chimes, and more.

As many aftermarket radios do not support USB Hubs, PAC is providing a replacement USB hub with this kit. This PAC hub features USB, HDMI, and 3.5mm aux connections, and factory-matched plastics to replace the factory USB hub, which would most likely not be compatible with the new radio.  The PAC replacement USB hub will be available in first quarter of 2020, and PAC has a website setup for owners to register their Integrated kit, and they will provide a FREE hub as soon as it is available.

RPA-16P5V 5 camera input harness is available separately for adding additional cameras to the truck as a driver safety upgrade. A total of 5 cameras can be connected and selected, using the kit’s 5.2” LCD touchscreen, for viewing on the aftermarket radio.

APH-CH01 AmpPRO Speaker Harness is plug in harness for use when bypassing the factory amplifier. This harness plugs into the OEM wiring and allows the use of the original wiring with the aftermarket amplifier and speakers.

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