MB QUART Shipping Reference Series Speakers

LAS VEGAS, NV (12.16.2019) – MB Quart’s new Reference Series speakers just had the most successful new speaker launch in 10 years at SEMA. This new MB Quart series offering limited distribution with a full MAP policy across both Reference and Premium lines of speakers assure successful profitability.

*Showing at the Westgate, Suite 360, during CES

Included in the new line is a 200 Watt, 2-Way component system, the RS1-216. This system includes 6.5” Reference, 2-Way component speakers, with .75” Titanium Widesphere technology tweeters, with lightweight craft pulp paper with bamboo fiber cones, and high-end external crossover. The Reference speakers are engineered across all models with the same shared technology as the RS1-216.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product & Marketing for Maxxsonics USA said, “The Reference Series represents a huge evolution for MB Quart. By using world class materials, we hope to bridge the gap between ultra-high-end and entry-level products with an extremely high value speaker line with outstanding sound quality characteristics.”


Titanium Dome Tweeters:
0.75” Titanium dome tweeters for musical reproduction of high frequencies

WideSphere Technology:
Unique tweeter off-axis dispersion design creates a larger-than-life soundstage

Curvilinear Cone:
Lightweight craft pulp with bamboo fiber cone for strength and superior bass frequency reproduction

Low Resonant Frame:
Aerospace grade PA66 composite with 30% glass fiber speaker frame to assure that no harmonic distortions affect the tone of the speaker

Audiophile Crossover
The crossover network, which guides the frequencies to each driver, is designed with tight tolerance components for superb sound quality
“The goal is to provide our loyal customers with outstanding performance and increased applications without breaking the bank,” concluded Sherman.


*Pricing, specifications and performance subject to improvement without notice

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