Jeeps on the Run Toys for Tots Gathered 4,800 Toys

CHICAGO, IL (12.04.2019) – The 7th Annual Toys for Tots Run, presented by Jeeps on the Run, was a HOME RUN! Nearly 700 Jeeps, and a crowd estimated at 2000 Jeepers, were on site at Napleton’s Northwest Jeep Dealership in Chicago IL for the event on Sunday, December 1.

This overhead shows Jeeps filling the Napleton’s Jeep dealership. More Jeeps were parked across the street.

Mike Missak, the driving force behind and coordinating the event, stated “4800 toys were donated along with $20,000 in merchandise. Two 7-ton Marine Reserve trucks were needed to haul away the toys. We thank Alpine for donating 2 new in-dash X409-WRA-JL Navigation Systems. The success of this event is always a community effort and we thank all for everyone’s support.”

The Napleton’s Jeep showroom was wall-to-wall Jeepers.
Chris Reavis conducted demos throughout the day in this Jeep decked with Alpine.

Missak owns a local specialty retail business Insomnia LED in the Chicago suburb of McHenry. Insomnia LED provides professional work geared to best lighting for cars, trucks, motorcycles, side-by-sides and marine. Missak started the Annual Toys for Tots Jeeps on the Run event 6 years ago and there were 35 Jeeps at the initial event. “We didn’t know what to expect with the first event. At that time we saw the opportunity to help bring some Christmas cheer to youngsters in need. As this Toys for Tots event grew we had a lot of help along the way and we are very grateful to all those who have helped grow this annual event” Missak added.

These 2 Marine Reserve 7-Ton Trucks hauled away 4800 toys.
Mike Missak’s children hold a Certificate of Appreciation from the local Marine reserve as volunteers and Marine Reserve members gathered for a photo.

Alpine staff members on site at Napleton’s Jeep included Dan Sparks and Chris Reavis along with area Alpine representative Rob Osheaski-Echo Sales. Reavis, Alpine Brand Specialist, provided demos to members of the huge crowd throughout the day in Napleton’s packed showroom.

Alpine was set to demo products and the only vendor in the Napleton’s showroom.

Osheaski related to 12volt News “The Jeeps on the Run Toys for Tots event was really amazing. It’s hard for many people to believe there were nearly 700 Jeeps at any event. When people see the images they believe and say WOW. The Napleton’s huge showroom was absolutely filled with Jeepers from wall-to-wall. Having that many people experience Alpine products for their Jeeps was tremendous. Having Chris doing demos of the Alpine system in the Jeep in the showroom was huge. Dan, and I, spent the day answering questions for members of the crowd about Alpine gear for their Jeeps.”

Wall-To-Wall Jeeps in the Napleton’s parking lot.

A big 12volt News ‘Hat’s Off’ to all who contributed to this very successful Toys for Tots event.

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