Rockford Fosgate Introduces Next Generation of Marine Speakers And Subwoofers featuring Color Optix RGB LED Lighting

TEMPE, AZ (11.19.2019) – New Color Optix loudspeakers deliver loud, clear, accurate sound and light the way for your journey.

Rockford Fosgate the industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is excited to announce the launch of the new M1 and M2 Series speakers and subwoofers. The full line of Element Ready products are designed to pair with the just introduced Color Optix Controller and RF Connect App for complete lighting command on your vessel.

To further customize the sound experience black and white grille options are available on both M1 and M2 products. M2 takes customization a step further by also including a stainless-steel grille insert so you may choose black with stainless or white with stainless as well.

“We didn’t just re-design an existing line of products. We spent time on the water, with boating enthusiasts, with boat manufactures in order to create loudspeakers that not only perform well, but also integrate as a true marine ecosystem” explained Jake Braaten, Rockford Vice President of New Product Development and Engineering.

To achieve industry leading plug and play connectivity Deutsch and Amphenol connectors are integrated into the design on all the M1 and M2 drivers. This combined with their IP67 certification make these speakers and subwoofers Element Ready and truly purpose built for marine applications.

M2 speakers are available in 6.5 inch and 8-inch coaxial configurations. The line also includes a standalone, high efficiency tweeter as well as 10-inch dual 2 ohm and dual 4-ohm subwoofers.  M1 speakers come in 6-inch, 6.5 inch, and 8 inch sizes complimented by 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch subwoofers offered in dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm varieties.

To compliment the plug and play connectivity and streamline installation, Rockford equipped all M1 and M2 subwoofers with a VersaSwitch to make changing impedance between 1 and 4 or 2 and 8 ohms as easy as flipping a switch.

Rockford Fosgate Marine Color Optix™ Speakers and Subwoofers (M1 Series and M2 Series shown)

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M2 Series Includes:

•  M2-65 / M2-65B 6.5″ coaxial  150 watt RMS, 600 Watt Peak
•  M2-8 / M2-8B  8″ coaxial 550 watt RMS, 1000 Watt Peak
•  M2-TS   1″ tweeter    200 watt RMS, 800 Watt Peak
•  M2D2-10I / M2D2-10IB 10″ subwoofer 400 watt RMS, 1600 Watt Peak
•  M2D4-10I / M2D4-10IB 10″ subwoofer  400 watt RMS, 1600 Watt Peak
M1 Series Includes:

•  M1-6 / M1-6B 6″ coaxial 75 watt RMS, 300 Watt Peak
•  M1-65 / M1-65B 6.5″ coaxial  75 watt RMS, 300 Watt Peak
•  M1-8 / M1-8B 8″ coaxial  150 watt RMS, 600 Watt Peak
•  M1D2-8 / M1D2-8B 8″ subwoofer   150 watt RMS, 600 Watt Peak
•  M1D4-8 / M1D4-8B  8″ subwoofer  150 watt RMS, 600 Watt Peak
•  M1D2-10 / M1D2-10B 10″ subwoofer   300 watt RMS, 1200 Watt Peak
•  M1D4-10 / M1D4-10B 10″ subwoofer 300 watt RMS, 1200 Watt Peak
•  M1D2-12 / M1D2-12B     12″ subwoofer  300 watt RMS, 1200 Watt Peak
•  M1D4-12 / M1D4-12B    12″ subwoofer  300 watt RMS, 1200 Watt Peak

•  2 Year Warranty

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