Radenso Radar Announces “Theia” Radar Detector

CINCINNATI, OH (11.14.2019) – Radenso Radar has announced their new halo product “Theia,” the world’s first and only radar detector that uses artificial intelligence.

Powered by “Rai,” Radenso’s patent pending AI “electronic warfare” platform, Theia is the first detector in the world to completely eliminate false alerts from vehicle safety systems such as blind spot monitors and radar cruise control. Theia also delivers desirable features such as directional arrows, a premium metal case, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, and another world first: the ability to specifically identify police radar guns by name.

“We are doubling-down on the radar detector category,” President and CEO Jonathan Dandrow states. “Our multi-million dollar investment in this project, including the construction of a complete microwave R&D lab in Cincinnati, demonstrates the lengths we are willing to go to create the best products and innovate in the field we are deeply passionate about. We appreciate our retailers and partners that have helped us grow, and we look forward to supporting them for the long run with this new platform and our expanded engineering capabilities.”

In addition to providing Theia with the most sensitivity of any radar detector in the world, another benefit of using artificial intelligence is rapid updates. Radenso states that if a new “false positive” radar emitter is found, the AI can be “trained” to filter it out in less than one hour. This speed of updates is revolutionary; currently humans must try to filter false alerts with complicated mathematical algorithms that take months or years to develop. Dandrow points out that this is a bonus for installing dealers, who no longer will have to worry if a car’s safety systems will interfere with the customer’s new radar detector.

Theia will be shipping in 2020.

Visit radenso.com for more.