MESA Member Basin Tint and Sound Scored at Casino Royale Night

DENVER, CO (10.28.2019) – THE 2019 MESA Summit, September 17th and 18th in Denver, concluded with a Casino Royale themed farewell event. Members attending were encouraged to wear James Bond attire. A highlight of the evening was the drawing for the amazing custom Poker Table created by 5Axis Innovations. Ben King, Basin Tint and Sound, Alamogordo NM was the lucky winner.

The custom Poker Table on the MESA Summit Show floor with RaceSport Lighting’s Ceasar Olaes (L) and Ignacio Ayala.

The Poker Table was prominently displayed on the MESA Summit show floor for all to see during the event. MESA Members were given a show floor map with instructions to visit each booth and have the vendor stamp their booth on the map . Completed maps were turned in for 2 tickets for the raffle drawing during the Casino Royale Farewell event.

Ben King (R) pictured with Jody Culbertson from 5Axis Innovations with the Poker Table… that was soon to be at King’s Basin Tint and Sound Store in Alamogordo NM.

King related to 12volt News “I noticed the Poker Table the minute I entered the show floor and went straight to it. I thought to my self it would be so cool to win this spectacular poker table. The attention to detail and overall construction of the Poker Table was absolutely top shelf. When the ticket was drawn, and my name was called, it was total shock.”

Upon returning to Alamogordo King, who drove to Denver, placed to Poker Table on the show floor at his store as soon as it came off his pickup truck. “The Poker Table has certainly received a lot of positive comments from customers. We recently participated as a store sponsor in a local poker run. When participants stopped in the store and saw the Poker Table they were amazed.”

Ben King on his store’s show floor with the Poker Table he won at the MESA Summit.

Jody Culbertson’s firm, 5Axis Innovations, created the one-off masterpiece. “In speaking with Ryan Gunter about this year’s MESA Summit he mentioned the Casino Royale themed Farewell Night. During our conversation the topic of a really cool prize to cap the evening’s activities came up. We brain stormed and the idea of a poker table popped up and that definitely fit the Casino Royale theme. At 5Axis we definitely have the ability to bring unique projects to life. After a few back and forth conversations we finalized the concept.”

The end product of the Poker Table was superb. The red playing card surface features the company logos of the MESA vendor partners silk screened in white. The armrest railing around the table is seamlessly fitted with vinyl. On the interior side of the armrest RaceSport Lighting LED’s light the playing surface. RaceSport Lighting also glows around the base of the Poker Table.

King drove the 500 miles to the MESA Summit. Once back in the custom shipping crate the Poker Table fit into the bed of King’s pickup for the drive back to Alamogordo from Denver.

Culbertson stated “We created the MESA Summit Poker Table totally from scratch as a one-off project. We work closely with Steve Jergensen at RaceSport Lighting and those LED’s really made the table a centerpiece at the MESA Summit. As fate would have it the winner, Ben King, drove to Denver. During the show floor teardown we took the table apart, put if back in the shipping box we made and loaded it in his pickup truck for the trip back to his store.”

Gunter, MESA Executive Director, stated “The Poker Table certainly grabbed a lot of attention on the show floor during the MESA Summit. The floor map for members to attend each vendors booth was a great incentive as every member was excited about the opportunity to win the Poker Table. Jody created a great prize and Ben King was thrilled to be the winner. As a matter of fact he plans to use it in promo activities at his store.”

Congratulations to Ben King and the very successful 2019 MESA Summit.

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