dBDRA Sponsors Competitor Awards at Car Audio Championship

AUSTIN, TX (10.08.2019) – The dBDRA would like to thank Incriminator Audio, Orion Car Audio and Sundown Audio for sponsoring competitor awards at for the 2019 North American dB Drag Racing Association Championship.

Incriminator Audio will be the exclusive ring sponsor for the 2019 dBDRA North American championship rings for the 5th year in a row! First Place winners at the event will receive custom personalized championship rings along with their 1st place trophy. The dedication and commitment that Incriminator Audio puts forth with the competitors is awesome! A huge thanks to the crew at Incriminator Audio.

Orion Car Audio is the exclusive trophy sponsor for the 2019 dBDRA North American Championship. The competitors in Louisville, KY and Sacramento, CA will go head to head to compete for the championship. Trophies will be awarded for 1st-4th place in 24 classes of competition including: dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, Top Dog, Psychlone and Bagger Beatz. In addition to the FINALS event, there will be an open entry 2020 Season Kick Off 3x event at each location. (independent of championship). Trophies will be awarded for 1st-3rd place in all classes. Huge shout out to Orion for acquiring the trophy sponsorship this year.

Sundown Audio will be the dBDRA 2019 Points Champion Sponsor. Each year the dBDRA awards a points champion award to the competitor that accrues the most points in each format of competition during the 2019 season. These competitors spend countless weekends in the lanes and this award is in appreciation of their efforts throughout the season. The 2019 awards will be presented for Eastern Region, Western Region and Canada. Thanks to Sundown Audio for their continued support of the competitors and all the teams out there!

On behalf of the dB Drag Racing Association and our members, the dBDRA would like to sincerely thank Incriminator Audio, Orion Car Audio and Sundown Audio for supporting the competitors!

The dBDRA would also like to extend thanks to all of the companies supporting the Car Audio Championship.

Show sponsors include: Pioneer Electronics, Sundown Audio, B2 Audio, Ampere Audio, Resilient Sounds, Lord of Bass, SoundQubed, Deaf Bonce, SounDigital, Limitless Lithium and Harley Davidson of Dothan. T-shirt sponsors include: XS Power, JL Audio, Tru Technology, Hybrid Audio Technologies, Crossfire, Avatar, Ohio Generator, Directronix, DC Audio, Slamology, 12 Volt News, Team Flop Box, Team Aint Loud, Team Imperial and TN Bass Racers.

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