Memphis Audio Dealer Council Meeting and Celebration

MEMPHIS, TN (10.07.2019) – Memphis Audio played host to four of the premier dealers in the nation at the 2019 Memphis Audio Dealer Council meeting in Memphis Tennessee. The invitees were Audio Unlimited – Mobile, AL, Audio One – Virginia Beach, VA, Horizon Audio – Canton, OH, and Elite Audio Spartanburg, SC. These lucky winners qualified by winning the Memphis 2nd half golden ticket scratcher contest.

The winners were treated to an exclusive dinner at the third-generation owner of Memphis Audio, Arthur Fulmer’s home. The group had an opportunity to let loose, talk business and have a little fun with the Memphis team and enjoy Memphis’s world-famous BBQ. “Welcoming dealers into my home is something I’ve wanted to do for years. These are the people who keep our industry going and I couldn’t have been happier to host such a wonderful group of business owners and get to know them on a more personal level and how we as a manufacturer can help them succeed,” said Fulmer.

Left to Right: Tom Smith – Audio Unlimited, Nate McConohay – Horizon Audio, Joe Zelano – Elite Audio, Aaron Joseph- Horizon Audio, Jim Aiken & Dave Curtis – Audio one, Arthur Fulmer – Owner of Memphis Audio, Nick Lomonaco – President of Memphis Audio, Ellis Mathis – Regional Sales Manager Memphis Audio

The next day the group was welcomed at the corporate headquarters in downtown Memphis where they all had an opportunity to learn the inner workings of Memphis Audio. Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio lead the discussion which touched on a number of topics ranging from internet MAP pricing enforcement, product development, marketing support and more. LoMonaco took questions and feedback from the group. The real fun began when the council was provided with a confidential sneak peek at some of the amazing new products scheduled to be exhibited live at SEMA 2019 along with several projects currently in development.

“Having the opportunity to sit down with these guys and pick their brains about our industry provided us all with a wealth of insight and information. They are all so passionate about our business and the products that Memphis develops. They didn’t pull any punches and told us what they need for success in this industry, it was one of most productive Q&A sessions I’ve ever been a part of,” Said Nick LoMonaco.

After talking shop had commenced the crew let loose a little a Sun Studios for a tour of some of the history behind the amazing music scene and culture that is ingrained in the city of Memphis. After the history lesson the group was treated to dinner, drinks, and more drinks until it was time to head back to their home towns.

“This contest was designed to give us the opportunity to get to know some of our most crucial business partners on a more personal level along with receiving feedback about how we can position Memphis Audio for success in the future. I feel like we really did achieve everything we set out to do and more. I’m confident that myself and the rest of the Memphis team is walking away from this event with a great deal of knowledge along with a great group of new friends who we are also proud Memphis dealers,” said LoMonaco.

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