JL Audio’s New DSP Amps Shake Things Up

TAMPA, FL (10.01.2019) – On Tuesday at IBEX, JL Audio will unveil its new line of MVi amplifiers to boat builders around the world. MVi amplifiers are the first high-performance, ultra-efficient marine-grade amplifier to feature a 3-core AKM digital signal processor (DSP).

With unrivaled tuning capabilities, reference-grade audio performance and vast installation flexibility, JL Audio will launch its MVi line with eight model options that suit all boat builders’ and boat owners’ needs.

MVi amplifiers feature an integrated, high-performance triple-core AKM DSP that allow for intelligent optimization of each audio channel’s timing, frequency response, and output level. The benefits of the DSP within each MVi amplifier extends beyond itself by providing analog pre-amp outputs with independent DSP processing to other amplifiers connected to the system. Instead of using traditional control knobs and switches, MVi amplifiers are easily configured from the captain’s seat of a boat using JL Audio’s free TüN software on a compatible computer, tablet or smartphone.

MVi amplifiers can store up to six sound presets, allowing boaters to switch between sound profiles at the push a button using one of the compatible DRC controllers (sold separately). Further boosting the world-class audio performance of MVi amplifiers is the integration of JL Audio’s next-generation NexD amplifier technology. The NexD2 design employs new directFET MOSFET technology, a completely revised layout scheme and direct DSP control of multiple amplifier channels designed to enhance fidelity, reduce noise and deliver outstanding power efficiency.

MVi amplifiers offer powerful networking capabilities as well as robust expandability options. In addition to the complete lineup of DSP-enabled marine amplifiers, JL Audio will introduce several marine-grade peripheral pieces to simplify the MVi installation process, including:

· a Bluetooth communicator (VXi-BTC) to enable wireless communication between the MVi amplifier or network and compatible mobile devices;

· a weather-tight network hub (MVi-HUB) to network up to six MVi amplifiers (one master and five slaves) for full-system DRC control and preset selection

· a push button control with RGB indicator (M-DRC-50) to allow preset selection from the helm

To further boost the wow-factor of these amplifiers, JL Audio was able to pack all of the aforementioned technology into a compact and stylish alloy chassis with weather-tight power, audio input, speaker and JLid network connections.

JL Audio’s complete line of MVi amplifiers include:

Full-range MVi amplifiers

5-channel MVi marine system amplifiers

Monoblock MV Marine Subwoofer Amplifiers

Visit jlaudio.com and ibexshow.com for more.